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WPF EPC  Championship 2019  31.10.- 03. 11

EPC+WPF Europa+Weltmeisterschaft in Wien 2019
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WM 2017 Emmeloord Holland  10-12.11.2017


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I received this mail. It is very unfortunate, as you know it was I and Brian Smith, who founded the WPF in 1999 with legal federation status. The original WPF, as I legally founded and properly registered, is registered accordingly with the proper authorities. There is no argument around this. It is amusing, that other persons have not founded any platform of their own. They have pirated the name of the federation I founded and also the logo, which was a gift to me from Ward Ralston, my nephew and Microsoft manager in Seattle. To suggest Gerhard Holleitner is withholding funds in no way states the truth. All procedures are well documented and Gerhard is acting in total correct procedure. Any claims against this are simply untrue.
It is your right to proceed with a sport platform. No-one questions this. But please, if only out of friendship and respect, do not pirate a platform I founded and built before I left the sport.
Carl Smith - founder of the WPF 1999
Dachverband in Powerlifting
WPF Bestätigung 2013.pdf
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13.10. - 16.10.2016 Altena Deutschland

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Ergebnisliste Altena WM 2016
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05.11.2015 - 08.11.2015 in Austria


Wien 21 Sportcenter MAXX

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Infos Schulbrüder

Adresse: Anton-Böck-Gasse 20
1210 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 – 291 25
Faxnummer: +43 1 – 291 25 DW 505
Webseite: www.delasalle.at/~gaestehaus/
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